YEGSHIP – High Horse Coffee Company
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Free Shipping In Edmonton - Deliveries Monday, Wednesday and  Friday.

We have hired ex-race car drivers. We have given them fast cars, fake red sirens, crash helmets and a large bag of beef jerky. 

Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday these speed demons will take to the streets, running over mailboxes, jumping off ramps and delivering your coffee to you free of charge.

If you live within the city limits of *Edmonton, *Sherwood Park, *St. Albert, *Stony Plain, and *Spruce Grove enter the coupon code - YEGSHIP - at checkout and wait for the roar of the race cars and the smell of burnt rubber... Coffee is coming!


* We must be able to leave an unattended package at address. Unfortunately we can not deliver to apartments at this time. 

* You must live in the city limits. If the code is used and you do not live in the described area your order will not be processed.