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High Horse Coffee Company

It's Your City. Your Home. It Better Damn Well Be Your Coffee.

High Horse Coffee Company

We All Need A Little Help Being Human.

High Horse Coffee Company

If You Can Count The Number Of Hours You Slept On One Hand.

High Horse Coffee Company

Every Good Mood Begins With Coffee.

High Horse Coffee Company

It Smells Like Magic And Fairytales.

High Horse Coffee Company

Fresh Mountain Air Mixed With Fresh Brewed Coffee. Is There Anything Better?


WOW!! it is by far the best I have ever had. So smooth and full of flavour

Your coffee is literally the best coffee ever! Once you try it there is no going back

The High Horse Coffee Company has ruined me for all other coffee.

OH. MY. GOD. Just tried The Black Canoe and it's amazing! WOOOOOOWWW!

The best ever. Hands down.

Just tried my first cup this morning and it was absolutley delicious! I didnt know what I was missing until now.

Oh, this is such good coffee!!

I picked up a couple bags a week ago when I ran out of my (former) fave, and I was hooked from my first cup.

I love Handsome Albertan but you really rocked it with Deadmonton, Iam a fan.

I am so freaking excited! It was dark, smoky and smooth, no aftertaste and no acidity. I AM IN LOVE

Their customer service and quality are truly beyond compare!

We can’t do without our Dark Canuck!

Man, I even told my ex about it. Now, when a guy thinks coffee is that good, good enough that he initiates a conversation with his ex; well, you know it’s something worth talking about!!


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