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About Us

We Make Coffee. You Like Coffee. We Like You. The Math Adds Up.


Let’s raise a cup to the new generation of coffee drinkers. The ones who appreciate complex, sophisticated flavour but want it with a new-school style. The ones who want to be connected with what’s in their cup.

Our coffee is made for you. You are on the go. You love your city and know about every new restaurant and festival. You have friend's birthday parties to plan then hangovers to fight. You have concert tickets to buy and weekends in the mountains to get to. We are right there with you. We even made you a playlist, because we are that kind of tight.

 Your coffee should have just as much personality as you do. A high-end gourmet coffee that is charming and cool like the wine you pick out to take to a friend’s dinner party. A coffee that supports you when you are catching up with an ex at a discreet café and you’re not sure how you feel about the whole thing. Well, we have your back and we will punch them square in the face if it comes to it.

It is your city. It is your home. It better damn well be your coffee.

Small Batch Roasted 
Our art is the Art of the Roast. We crank some music, align our chakras and come together to perfectly roast each and every bean. Only with a small roaster and our love for the craft can we achieve this level of quality.

Custom Tastes For Our Community

 Alberta defines us. We have customized each of our roasts to deliver a specific taste and personality that speaks to our love of our home. Then we took that love and turned it up to 11… Buckle up, Alberta!

Locally Produced  

We are locally owned and operated, crafting our coffee right here in Alberta. We are your neighbours and your friends. Someone who used to date your sister and you were sad it didn’t work out. You bring it up at family dinners just to get under her skin.

Farm To Cup 

We source our beans from the finest smallholder farms around the world. Our relationships with these farmers are the key to our quality and our quality is the key to your captivating cup of coffee.