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Hario V60 Drip Scale


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If someone came over to your house and watched you meticulously weigh out and time their cup of coffee, you can be sure they would go back out into the world and tell everyone of their legendary host and the epic cup of coffee they drank. Before long the word would get out and you would open your door daily to a sea of people screaming your name and snapping photos. As you fight your way through the crowd to your car you would be unsure if buying the Hario V60 drip scale was the greatest thing you had ever done or a massive curse. We both know the truth, nothing is better than popularity and a constantly perfect cup of coffee.

The beautifully crafted V60 drip scale simultaneously measures the amount of coffee beans, hot water and extraction time. Making you a delicious hand drip coffee every time all the time.

  • Digital timer and scale
  • Batteries included

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