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Caballo Dorado - Limited Edition Micro Lots

Caballo Dorado - Limited Edition Micro Lots


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The Coffee That All Coffee Wishes It Could Be.


Organic specialty Brazilian coffees are very rare. Described as the Crown Jewel, this lush and velvety coffee has an easy-going flavour including light melon and maple syrup notes, with an effortlessly smooth body and chocolaty base.

Grown by Ricardo Aguiar Rezende on his 600-acre farmstead, Fazenda Santa Cristina is located within the rolling hills and big sky of the Cerrado Mineiro region of Brazil..

Natural / 60H Fer / Sun Dried 
Elevation - 902 MASL
Whole Bean / 250g

Caballo Dorado is our new limited edition micro lot series, where we have searched the globe to bring you extremely rare and exclusive types of coffee. They are grown in very limited quantities and are hand picked for their unique and exotic flavour profiles.

Truly incredible premium coffee direct from the farm to us, then roasted with magic and love just for you. Once they are gone, they are gone forever... so we are not saying your life will be incomplete if you miss out but we both know its true.

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